Selling your home fast takes more than luck.  It involves thoughtful planning and a few professional tricks that’ll help convince homebuyers to make an offer quickly. We asked our real estate agent friends for their best and lesser-known advice on how to sell a home –fast! Here is what they had to say:

Disassociate With Your Home

The first tip is to start thinking of your property as a “house”, not your home. Making this mental shift will help you let go of your emotions and make it easier to focus on the task of getting your property sold fast.

Begin Depersonalization 

This goes along with the first tip. Start to pack up photographs, family heirlooms, and mementos. Not only will this help with dissociating yourself with the property, but it will also help potential buyers envision themselves in the home. Plus, you’ll need to pack it all up eventually so might as well do it now.

Remember the furniture too! Focal pieces may be your style but could be a distraction to potential buyers. Leave a few understated items and store the rest for your new home.

Rearrange Closets and Cabinets

Closet space and storage is a big perk so don’t be surprised to see home shoppers snooping around your closets and cabinets. Even if your house doesn’t have a lot of storage space, seeing the inside organized gives the illusion of a large interior.

Rent Extra Storage 

If the decluttering process leaves you wondering where to store your items, consider renting a storage unit! Even if you don’t have too much clutter, every home shows better with less furniture. A good rule of thumb is to leave just enough furniture to showcase the room’s purpose, and nothing more.

Remove Favorite Items

Window coverings, built-in appliances, and fixtures that you plan on taking with you should be removed before you start showing your property. We’ve heard of occasions where a large canvas mural caused such a dispute with a buyer that they eventually pulled out of the deal. Remember, if a potential buyer never sees it, he won’t desire it nor dispute it later.

Freshen Up That Curb Appeal

First impressions can be deal breakers! The exterior of the home should be so appealing that not only does it look well-maintained but it should also be inviting. Take a look at the exterior. Is it welcoming?

Start with the basics like clear the sidewalks and mowing the lawn. Paint window trim that’s faded and replace ripped window screens. Trim your bushes and make sure your house number is visible from the street.

Final Touches 

General cleaning and tidying up goes without saying and the less you have in terms of clutter, the easier this task will be. Go around each room, stand at the doorway and see what a potential buyer will see. Is it attractive? Attractive enough to make an offer right there on the spot? Great!

Now the only thing left is to apply for a home loan so that YOU can look for YOUR next home! Have questions about rates or how much you qualify for? Contact us today to get simple answers to all your home buying questions.